Becoming a member

Becoming a member: How to become a member of the mountaineering association Mrsinj

Do you want to:

  • join a merry crew on excursions and become a part of healthy life in the mountains all over Croatia and beyond
  • enjoy natural beauty
  • find new friends
  • discover unknown regions
  • spend your free time in a different way
  • gain additional knowledge
  • experience the spirit of adventure
  • achieve the state of physical and mental relaxation

How to become a member?

You can become a member by joining the association and paying the yearly membership fee. In order to join, you will need to fill an application form.

Membership fee: children and youths up to graduation from compulsory education (marked green) 60,00 kn

Other members, the so-called seniors (marked blue) 120,00 kn

You can get additional information about joining the association from the president Marijana Nahod. Phone number: 0995141105 Email:

Membership cards and stamps

Each member gets a Croatian Mountaineering Association membership card with a stamp that indicates membership fee has been paid for the current year.

Members of the mountaineering association:

  • in addition to becoming a member of Croatian Mountaineering Association, they become members of International Climbing and Mountaineering Federation UIAA
  • can use discounts and benefits defined by the UIAA and agreements between national mountaineering associations and Croatian Mountaineering Association
  • can use discount (10% in most cases) in some stores with mountaineering footwear, clothing and equipment (e.g. Alpina, Iglu Šport, Vrhunac…) upon the presentation of their membership card with the stamp for the current year
  • are insured by Croatian Mountaineering Association in case of an accident on hiking excursions in Croatia or abroad
  • can use discount of 50% for an overnight stay in all mountain retreats in Croatia, Slovenia and other countries members of International Climbing and Mountaineering Federation UIAA
  • can participate in assemblies in order to elect officials and decision-making bodies within the association
  • can use discount for buying entrance tickets to Croatian national parks

Member duties and obligations regarding ALL MEMBERS:

  • behaving in accordance with the norms of mountaineering ethics and keeping the honour and reputation of the association
  • adhering to the rules defined in the Mountaineering Association Mrsinj Korenica Statute and all other decisions, regulations and guidelines adopted by the decision-making bodies
  • paying membership fee
  • presenting the membership card at the request of the association officials and mountain retreat keepers
  • honouring and executing decisions made by the decision-making bodies of Croatian Mountaineering Association
  • attending meetings according to their own possibilities
  • if an association member is also a member of one or more decision-making bodies, regular attendance of the association meetings and active participation in its activities are required

Membership in the mountaineering association is terminated by voluntary withdrawal, failing to pay the membership fee or expulsion.